Read and Write Bangla in your PC and mobile

Read and Write Bangla in your PC

►►Step 01 ► Dawnload & Install "Avro Keyboard" (10.7 mb) in ur pc It's very much easy to use. Just press F12 and type english font & get Bangla font instantly. Again press F12 to go back in english.
►►Step 02 ► Dawnload & Install "Font Fixer" (72.0 kb) software in your pc. It makes your Bangla font size bigger.

Read Bangla from your mobile

►►Step 01 ► Go to ''Operamini'' and download the software in ur mobile.

►►Step 02 ► Open operamini & amp; write opera:config in addressbar.

►►Step 03 ► Find out the option "Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts" and make it YES.

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